Ink system for EPSON R200\R300 etc etc

Has anyone tried or have any experience of this print system
Or just any opinions
My own opinion is if it works good first time not to much of a saving as i could get 6 compatible ink for £60 approx anyway but second time i would not be paying for the system only refilling the ink tubes…

damm iv’e never seen one of thoes nice.

Maybe you could but that says 100ml for all colours. That’s roughly 10 cartirdges worth of ink. Refilling the ink tubes may be a bit more expensive as photo refil kits are a tad more expensive than normal refils and just looked and they are £12.99 for a bottle so it would be cheeper to get a new system than refil.

Personally I will stick with compats as it is cheeper for me that way.

in my opinion you should have gotten an older epson 825. same quality as 200-300 but only uses 2 carts 1 blk, 1 color. you still get the same colors but in one cart. carts are 5.95 for blk and 6.95 color. JMO

I have not bought the printer or the ink system yet i only wanted opinions really.
As for the EPSON 825 i could get 4 ink cartridges for £8.95 post free (compatible of course )
But that printer might be a bit old now and i had pretty much decided on the EPSON R300 …
but thanks for the input i never really thought of the EPSON 825 maybe i will have to look into it a little more

Freak me the problem with that is when one of the colours runs out you have to throw the whole cartridge no matter how full the other colours are. Which is why in the long run it is cheeper to run a printer where all the colours are in seperate cratridges.

Compats for the R200/300 are dirt cheep I can get a complete set for £7, which is basically the price you are paying for one colour.

mad, it wouold be cheeper to buy the R200 exactly the same print quality etc, just none of the card slots or little screen. Unless you are going to print directly from a memory card it isn’t worth the extra.

Thanks i have also looked at the EPSON R200 but im thinking R300 to be more digital camera friendly…
And i agree with you the 6 packs are best
Up till now i get all my compatible ink from ebay and have had no problem dirt cheap…

i think you missed the point of my post. the 825 is by far much cheaper. for the simple fact that thier is only 1 color cart which contain all 5 colors which you have to replace. so it does not matter which color runs out 1st because it will cost the same price for all 5 colors. even if you only have to replace 1 color with the 200/300 you have only replaced 1 color, you really don’t know when you would have to replace another color. and then thier goes another 6-7 bucks for that one. why not just change all 5 colors for the price of 1.
simple math you can pay 6.95 for 5 colors or pay 34.75 somewere down the road. not too smart if you ask me.
i think it another money scam by the printer mfg’s
you can check you cart prices here.

Mad if you are talking about direct printing the R200 can do that too, as with the R300 you must have a pictbridge copatable camera. It is a matter of personal taste where the features are concerned, I didn’t see the pint of all those extra doo-hickies when I can run the pics through my PC and get better results.

As to ebay try your local shops that is where I get my compats and at £7 for the 6 for the R200 and £6 for my C64 keeps me happy and I have never had a problem with the ones I buy, I have a thing about supporting local business as much as possible.

Freak you are the one who is missing the point slightly. It is £7 for all 6 cartridges not £7 for each one. That is what is meant by a complete set. If bought seperately they are as little £2 each. You can always tell when one need changing as the printer tals you when you are getting close to empty. Add to that the printer is so old I doubt you can get it new anywhere now. It has been shown in the long run it is cheeper to run seperate cartridge printers than the combined types because you only need to replace the colour that has run out, it is cheeper enviromentally too as you are using the resources to the full capability.

ahh my bad i didn’t know you can get all 5 inks for 6.95us dlls if that’s the case then i’d definetly got with either the 200/300. sorry for my mis-understanding.

Just to add i have seen the whole 6 for £6 somewhere online but im not sure about post (when i order ink i usually go for free post or order somthing else also so the post dont matter so much…
btw my local comp shop is to expencive thats why i order online…

They can be mad, I agree. I don’t actually use a comp shop for such things I go to a local market there is a stall which sells nothing but consumabales and cases and that’s where I get my sets from. I buy the pro jet brand and have had no problems with them what so ever.