Ink stamp pad for blank DVDs?

I know we can use Sharpies to label blank DVDs. Can we use rubber stamps? Anyone know of an ink-stamp brand that might work?

I found this site:

Called the lady there, she said their inks work great on CDs and DVDs, plus on the website it says it’s acid-free, which I understand is a desirable thing for CDs and DVDs

Just get yourself an inkjet CD/DVD printer for $50 (search Amazon) and do it that way, it’s a lot easier!

searched amazon did not see any inkjet CD/DVD printer might less one for 50 dollars the only printers I seen are epson and they start at around 100 dollars. If there one for 50 dollars let me know I did see one epson with a 50 rebate but the fine print said you had to buy a computer also.

Check out Sam’s
The epson r200 sells for $79.99.

thanks I will do that

I agree… Printing on DVD’s/CD’s with an inkjet printer is fantastic… If you wait and watch for deals, you can get a good printer for next to nothing. I actually made $100.00 on my deal a while back. Nothing like rebates rebates rebates…