Ink saving program

Hi, im looking for a free utility for saving ink when i print out dvd covers, so i can adjust the amount of ink. I have a hp3940 printer.

Don’t know of any free ones…A friend of mine has been trying this one out and says it works pretty good >

The program necesary to control ink usage can be found on the HP site. Mind you it takes a few minutes to install. It seems very invasive but works. It gives you many HP tool boxes to do many things unlike the default XP HP drvers. Is not a small file either. In your case something like 50 meg. Don’t depend on the CD that came with the printer. usually is old news.

INK SAVER…Go get it!

I personally my reservations with this program - Contrary to the claims, you WILL notice a difference - If you are using your printer as a business I would recommend against this - I would also not recommend this if you are printing letters - personally I use the jettec refill kits and special, easy to refill cartridges for my EPSON and it is worth it.

Epson is one of the few printers that give you so many options with ink. For an HP there are almost none. Im not so happy with that HP program either but it does give you options :slight_smile:

“INK SAVER…Go get it!” The bulk inking system with bottles and little tubes? They are only for EPSON that I have seen. Most of those companies are out of business or don’t sell it anymore. Ink has a nasty habit of drying in the wrong places :bigsmile:

No. It’s a program that makes the printing lighter or darker. Lighter to save on ink is all. It over rides the original printer drivers >

oh: sorry did not know about that one. The native XP drivers do sort of that allread. Draft,Normal, and glossy. Ill have to check it out :iagree:

If your printer will print with the cover opened (maybe this is one reason why many won’t), you’d be amazed at how much colour ink they waste on printing black or nearly black content.

The principles of Inksaver were demonstrated far better by an old driver replacement I used once - Superprint on an old Deskjet 550C - It had the following tricks:

  1. GCR - Grey component replacement: Where a colour has a certain amount of C, M and Y in it, an equal amount of black is substituted. The effect is a slight reduction in saturation of dark colours, and a much less wet print.

  2. Depletion - reduces the maximum inking of solid areas: Worked very well, as standard, the Deskjet could even leave an ink puddle in solid black areas. Over-inking black and solid colour seems to be common, giving a very dense output, but wasting ink.

  3. Dot gain control: Allowed tuning for dot spread on different paper types

  4. Dither matrix adjustment: Various ways to reduce unwanted patterning or clumping.

Between those, I got a picture on some glossy card that I’d been told (by the guy I bought it from) was no good for photo, as the ink runs.

The situation now is that:

They DO waste colour ink in the black - Inksaver can apparently filter that out.
They DO over-ink dark areas.

At the lowest Ink saving settings, it’s generally just removing the waste.

Pre adjusting the source material may be another possibility, as only solid black can be over-inked, so lightening th source a little may have a similar effect as using an ink saver program, though the colour in black issue would not be corrected.