Ink Refills

Does anyone have any knowledge, or good/bad experiences with ink cartrage refills? I am going to be doing a lot of printing over the next few weeks and for the cost of one replacement cartrage, I can get 12 refills. It is terribly tempting, but I have never tried any of these refill kits. Here are the kits I’m thinking about:

Thanks in advance

Check out this thread Ink Refills

It’s all very well in practice, but it will never work in theory. /.

Sell or give away your HP printer, good as they are they’re expensive to run.
Buy a printer that you can get OEM carts for at a reasonable price, you will save a lot of money if you do!
I have a Canon Prixma 5000 and get my carts for abouy $1 each X5 for a full set $5.
Do some research and see what you can do.
Good luck.

Yup, lose the HP. The cost of a new Canon will be regained after just a few refills. Look for an older Canon IP3000, as they use the older tanks that are easier to refill.

Recommend using only supplies from in the USA, whatever printer you have.

well, I just bought the printer a week ago so I’m not going to be getting another. Can the cartridges really not be refilled? Damn it to hell if so!

yes you can, i have been doing it for a while now… id recomennd you read the other thread :wink:

Yes refilling HP carts can be done and you can save money. I would recommend that you have at least 3 sets of carts so that you can have one set in the printer and two spares available. Wear gloves and do the refilling in the sink any spills can then be easily cleaned up.

HP carts can be refilled, no doubt, but they still only last for a few fills, and can easily be ruined by inexperienced hands or generic ink.

I still suggest, and follow their instructions to the letter. NEVER, repeat NEVER run your carts till they are dry or you may as well throw them out. Refill them before they are out.

Somehow when a refill kit for an HP comes with a little drill and some rubber plugs I just can’t see myself doing that… but then again I only use one pair a year

I have personally purchased from this website, this is a company established in New Brunswick - What I purchased from them are the EMPTY, easier to refill carts for my EPSON, I don’t know if they have those for HP. Now I have an EPSON R200 and one HP DeskJet 712C that is still kicking :slight_smile: Now my EPSON R200, I refill using the EMPTY carts from re-ink, however the refill ink I use is made by JETTEC, it is the 5 colour refill kit, after using many other inks, I find the JETTECs are the best. I have used inks from different places, including Q-Inks that claim to be quality ink, and found that most 3rd party inks are poorly formulated (either fade out very quickly or they are not colour accurate and while you will probably not notice for printing text and some graphics you WILL notice when printing CDs and PHOTOS…Which is why I use the Jet Tec inks, so far I find that they are a very close match.

Now about re-inks, the empty carts I got from them are much easier to refill, from the top, however, the sealing rubber cap is a major annoyance to get out, often breaking it along the process, then there is one cart where the valve doesn’t function I have to plug the outlet hole… All in all refill have worked fine on my printer and saved me $$$$ but they are a major annoyance. (air bubbles is often a problem) at times I have to engage in cleaning cycles to get those nozzles clear.

If you are willing to pay a bit more for peace of mind I recommend the Jettec cartridges, which already have JETTEC quality inks in them - I have used those and they worked fine - Only thing is that my EPSON likes to engage in cleaning cycles when it decides, and very often, for no bloody reason.

About HP, unlike EPSON, the heads are on the cartridge itself, so I usually would not recommend refilling those as with time the heads will wear out, so in the HP case you would get the already filled cartridges.