Ink Refill Questions (HP compatibility?)

I’ve done a lot of googling and searching and I found a reasonably priced starter kit at a Target store (I figure I’m better off buying from a store for my first time in case I need a refund)

my HP ink cartridges are supposedly almost exactly the same as an earlier model that is listed on the manufacturer’s site as being compatible (HP 22 is supposedly the same as the HP 28)

I’ve also read that there’s no such thing as “universal” inks and that using the wrong ink is bad for the cartridge and could damage the print head.

here’s the company that makes the ink I was thinking of purchasing:

here are my questions:

1.) does anyone happen to know if this is the “right” or “wrong” ink for my printer (HP PSC1410, normally takes HP 21 (black) and HP 22 (color) cartridges)
2.) can using the wrong ink damage the printer itself or would it just result in having to purchase a new cartridge?

I tried a refill kit on some HP cartridges a couple of years ago. What a mess!
If you could get them to work they would last a few weeks and then quit. Then they were junk. I gave up on that idea and started buying remanufactured cartridges from
They have good prices and free shipping. Every thing I’ve got from them has worked perfectly.

thanks for the warning. i checked out that site, and their cartridges for my printer are MORE expensive than in the stores! at least at staples with the ink coupons i can get color for $15 and black for $12.

there aren’t any compats for the HP 21 and 22 which was why I was looking into refilling to begin with.

you may have answered my second question…you had a bad time with it, but it didn’t damage the printer or any of its parts did it? you just needed new cartridges?

HP puts a little chip on their ink cartridges that tells the printer when its empty (even if its not)so good luck refilling one. The guys at the local ink refill stores wont even touch them because even after you refill them the chip says its empty to the printer.

As for using the wrong ink i’d say it could be true if the ink is thicker than what the head is made for it could clog it up other than that it’s just mainly the colours of the ink that would differ

not all ink cartridges are chipped and there are ways to reset the chips in the ones that are.

my cartridges do not have chips in them (as far as i know). even if they do, resetting them is not hard, so I’m not concerned about that aspect.

i guess i’ll give this a whirl. being unemployed has led me to spend a lot more time and money on my computer…besides, it wouldn’t be the first time i’ve broken something when I should have known better haha

shit let me know how to reset them then these knuckleheads told me is wasn’t possible to do (about 5 different shops that refill cartridges) so i had to go find the cheapest ones that were $74 each

what type of cartridges do you use?

this is the link i’ve seen floating around and is good for hp 56, 57, 58, 21, 22, 27 and 28

78(colour) and 45(black).

Besides the thickness of the ink and the colours i see no other problems with refilling yours then.

yeah, this was sort of the problem i was hoping someone would have more specific info about.

i’ll report back tomorrow haha

in the meantime,

SWEEEET!!! gonna save a shitload now thanks heaps.

Well if the colours are wrong it’s pretty easy to tell what will happen when you print.
If the ink is too thick then the print quality will suck big time and the ink will dry in the head.

No it didn’t seem to effect the printer at all. The print heads are in the cartridge on my printer and thats all that I can see that it could damage.

I have been refilling my hp for two years now and have had no problems I have even used up my old cannon ink in them and it worked fine and the color was fine. If I do have on of the cartridges go bad in the future I will buy one of the refillable type or buy another of there cheap printers since I can buy one cheaper than the cartridges would cost me.
I have a epson 220 that I pint only my dvds on and use the cheap hp to print the covers for the cases. I also do not print the whole cover since there is nothing on the back that I really want I remove it and print only the front and sides to save ink. I for one will not buy a printer that I cannot refill the cartridges. Have not used up the ink in the cartirdges for the epson 220 but when I do I have already checked on ording the replacement catridges and the ink. One of these days someone is going to get smart and make a printer that has tanks on it that allow you to refill and then sell the ink at a good price to the customers. Making a lot of money buy selling a lot of what the customer wants and only making a few dollars each time is just as good as trying to control the customer so you can charge a high price. Walmart learned this a long time ago they sell a lot of a item at a cheap price and it takes them selling of them at the cheap price to make the profit that the other stores make on just one but in the end they put the other stores out of business while also still makeing more money. Some computer company is going to figure this out on printers some day.

what ink do you usually use in them? where do you get it from? can you post alink? I’d just like to see what you’ve had good luck with so I cancompare it to whatever I’m gettimg at the store today.

i know if you buy on line it’s probably a better deal, but even at walmart or target a 6 refill kit is less expensive than a new cartridge so I figure I don’t have much to lose right now.

Ive refilled my hp printer cartridge for a while now… and had no problems, apart from my printer telling me im out of ink, but as it prints anyway, who cares?

reason Jettec does printer specific refil kits and their site can help you find a local supplier.

One advantage of HP is if you do screw up the print heads just get anew cartridge, unlike those of us that have Epsons.

samler I realy doubt it mate. How do you think the printer manufacturers actually make their money? It is not on the printers they are generally sold at a loss, for example I have seen lexmarks in Wilkinsons for £25 the cartridges cost more then that, it is on the consumables, ink and papers. You should only fill epson carts 5 to 6 times then get new ones and never mix refill manufacturers. I use compats they are dirt cheap at a couple of quid each from SVP and are Jettec one of the best brands around.

where do you get your ink? any links?

i’m just trying to make sure that a “generic” ink is ok.

come to think of it, the place where i read that generic ink is bad also sold ink…they were probably just trying to scar e people away from other ink sellers.

I’d still like opinions on this for sure though!

thanks JayC. looking into Jettec now.

As most of the HP range have their heads on the cartrides you can’t screw up the printers. Luckily here it is illegal for them to void the warranty if you use compats.

I have used compats since my first printer, a HP ironically enough, and never had a problem with them right through from the Epson C20 right upto my current R220.

jettec is uk, but it brought up anoother question.

anyone kow if dye-bsed or pigment based is better or are they just different requirements for different cartridges?

i’m about to do some googling now…

I could have sworn they used to be on both sides of the pond. Shame as they are agood compat brand.

One tends to be more water resistant than the other. If my memory is correct pigment is water resistant (in Epson these are called Durabrite inks) and dye isn’t.