Ink Recycling Programs?

Does Staples still honor the Ink Recycling Program for a $3 coupon?

to answer my own question: I just returned 4 hp empty inkjets for 4 $3 coupons, 3 can be used at any one time, good for 3 months. Just go to the service desk and ask.

They don’t take Epson carts anymore last time i went there :frowning: Only HP and Cannon i believe now.

Sorry, find a hp or Canon user and offer to get rid of their empty carts

HP, Lexmark, and Dell ink or toner cartridges.

Thanks for the heads up

My Staples finally changed how many they will take on each purchase about a month ago, I can use up to 9 carts on each item.

jhtalisman is correct that they only take those brands.

My local varies from cashier to cashier. One has taken as many as 3, another put up a fight over taking one.

go early on a Sunday no new cashier wants to ask the new manager for help, I think all the ones who would question are home for the weekend.

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No Canon either, only HP, Dell, and Lexmark
No Canon, No Epson

Yeah just as I start getting empty carts from my Epson they stop taking them!

Well they do take up to 9 at my Staples, I asked a manager again today as I left and she said yup 9 per item and 27 total per checkout :smiley:

Not for me. Time to go to another Staples. Maybe the one MegaDeth uses.

Does any retailer take back Canon carts anymore?

why is it that they don’t take Epson or Canon’s anymore?

what gives?

Probably because those are just plastic containers. The HP’s have the actual print head in the catridge.

I wonder if the will take their oun remanufactured cartridges?

They will if it was for a HP, Lexmark, are Dell.

what about other remanufactured cartridges for HP, Lexmark and Dell?