Ink blots on dvd-r's

hi guys im new to the whole dvd burning thing so im a little unsure in some areas…

i recently bought a 50 pack of iomega dvd-r’s and i have noticed that about 90% of them have ink blots around the inner rim of the dvd and on some of them, the ink has leaked onto the first, inner circle of ink on the dvd. i dont know if these are faulty and ive already used half of them, some with success and allot of them unsuccessfully. i just bought a new dvd burner as well, just to make sure, and they seem to burn ok but because i do games, sometimes i get disc read errors. should i return them and get some verbatim’s, or is this common?

May be too late to return them if you’ve used half of them. Does sound like a manufacturing defect though.
Verbatims are a safe choice for your next purchase.

Right on Mr Kerry, No that isn’t common for the dye to run off, Myself I wouldn’t use them in a burner as it could cause you big problems if the dye ran down into the burner, eat the bullet and throw them away

Dye spotting is rather common even on the best DVDs. You can either return them or bite the bullet. I wouldn’t use them though.:disagree:

I have NEVER seen that Alan, But I only use Verb’s and don’t know if that happens to them or not, thanks for the feedback though