Injet printable CDs and DVDs

I dont know if you all are aware of it (I wasnt until recently) but there are cds and dvds that can be printed on with injet printers. Unfortunately at the time the only printers capable of printing to these disks are very expensive and dedicated to that task alone.

I have emailed and called many of the bigger manufacturers of printers asking that they develop consumer level printers that support the ability to print to these CDs and DVDs.

I know they wont listen to me alone so I am asking the rest of you to do the same. Here is a list of the manufactures I either called or emailed (I also emailed Toms Hardware since they are pretty big):

Toms Hardware:

HP: 800-752-0900


Canon: 1-800-OK-CANON


Epson: 800.463.7766

Check out the printable DVDs here

However i bet they already have them and going to release them as the next generation printers and slap a couple of hundred bucks on top…

Hope it works though :cool:

Have a laugh at this - visiting my local pc world for rip off ink cartridges i think it was a lexmark z33 off the top of my head ,anyway the complete machine and ink was @ £33 but when your out of ink and need to buy another cartridge they cost £35 hehehe - its about time this group of rip off merchants came into line - the customer is always right they say :confused:

hope some of you canon / epson / lexmark / hp reps read this where just about getting fed up of these stupid prices for a tiny bit of a glorified plastic tanks that cost about 50p per unit- yes thats right once the tool is made for these tanks there laughing all the way to bank- and these machines knock em out inthe hundreds per hour .
Back to topic - sorry mate got carried away.:wink:

shuebhussain - buddy i think we need a poll on ink prices


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There have been printable CDs and printers that are able to print on CDs quite some time. I can remember one from about 2 years ago…

Sony was one of the first to have printable CDs and of the printer i can’t remember the name unfortunately, it has been quite a while.

Sorry to disappoint you :wink:

Verbatim make good cd printers.Primera Signature 4 cd color printer is the latest one out,not cheap tho,about $3000 Australian but will do a full cd/dvd in about 30 seconds.

Try to check it out.

your missing the point. I know there are printers but at a few thousand they really arent worth it for consumers. My point is to contact these companies and let them know that this is a feature you would like on your $50-200 printer that ALSO HANDLES PAPER!

Hi all

In the Uk we can buy CD ink printers for about £300.00p, you have to manully find them via a template 1 at a time.

All new printers only come with half filled ink tanks when you buy them, thats y some new cartridges cost more than the original price for printer & Cart.

I always by compatibles from