INITIO ATA-133 Firewire 800 Chipset

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this chipset as far as working with DVD burners at 16X?

The cases are here if it helps.


I’m not clear about your reply. Is there a post I should be referring to?

No, I was just posting a pic from your link.

About the INITIO chipset: I have an external enclosure using this chipset and I am having trouble reaching 16x CAV DVD writing. My burn speed tops out at about 12.5x.
But, I know others that have reported 16x writing works fine with their INITIO chipset based enclosure…

Thanks for getting back. Another question. I have found a source for an empty case and powersupply. Would you know what the interface to connect the IDE out through to the Firewire connection would be called? Or a source? The case distributor says optional interfaces are available but doesn’t seem to have any and it is hard to search for that with no name other than “interface”.

I’m not duplicating, I am connecting, through Firewire, to my main computer.

The interfaces are called bridge boards. Just google “firewire bridgeboard” and you will find a bunch.

ccbadd, Thanks. Cooldrives just emailed me back and said that their 800 Firewire will only burn at 4X. Weird!