Initio 1430L Chip Based External Case Users: I Need Your Helps

Hi Fellow Cdfreaks,

Recently I bought two external USB2/IEEE 1394 combo cases from Computergeeks, which are based on the Initio 1430L chipset, and I am having all sort of problems trying to get my Maddog NEC 2510 DVD writers to work in them. The bridge board has the following chips on it: Initio INIC-1430L A111E manufactured week 50 of 2002, In-System ISD300A1 manufactured week 28 of 2002, and a smaller chip: Agere FW802B.

Anyway, my NEC 2510 DVD writer was properly recognized in one of my computers using the external case, but I was not able to burn any DVD using the IEEE 1394 port. Surprisingly, burning through USB 2.0 port works fine. However, I try to burn DVD’s through the IEEE 1394 port, my NEC 2510 DVD writer got stuck at the lead out section of the burning process. So, all my discs had been coasters so far burning through the IEEE 1394 port. The same writer and case attached to one of my other computers, I can neither mount nor burn through the IEEE 1394 or USB 2.0 port. Frustrated, I decided to send an E-mail to to see if it has a firmware update that would fix my problems. I was surprised to receive a reply from Initio’s technical support within the same day asking me further question regarding my problems.

Anyway, if you have an external case based on the Initio 1430L chipset and are having problem getting your DVD writer(s) to work properly with the case, please list your problem(s) by answering the following questions. I will reference this thread in my next reply to Initio’s technical support. Apparently, Initio doesn’t have any reports of compatibility issues from anyone else besides me. Your responses are greatly appreciated. Hopefully Initio will come out with a firmware update that fixes the problems we’re all having. :smiley: Thanks in advance.

  1. Are you using Mac OS or Windows OS and which version?

  2. What is the exact issue(s) (e.g. won’t mount, can’t write, can’t read, etc.)?

  3. What are the brand, model number, and firmware version of your optical drives that were having problem with the Initio 1430L based external case?

  4. What is the current firmware version your external case. If you made a firmware update to your case, what was the previous 1430 firmware version you updated from?

  5. Do you know who made your 1430 bridge board? Any writing on the bridge board will help Initio to determine if there could be any issue with the hardware design.


I’ve just ben troubleshooting a new Benq DW1625 drive, which I had wanted to put into an external case. The case has no brand [the box is royal blue, and has an eagle on it, and model number FR929, USB2 and IEE1394a]
So I installed the drive on Monday evening at home, plugged in the USB2 cable, started up the PC, burnt a couple of disks all OK. Next morning took the drive to work, plugged in the Firewire to my Mac [Powerbook Titanium 800] no joy, device wouldn’t mount and couldn’t be seen by the computer in Apple System Profiler. drive however did work on the USB1 port, but that’s useless. Opened the enclosure up, took a look at the controller chipsets, Initio 1430L for Firewire and a Cypress Semiconductor CY7C… for the USB2. Checked, saw that there was a specific firmware upgrade for MacOSX.3.6 onwards, tried to apply from a Mac with an older OS no joy, flash utility doesn’t see drive,
Took it home that night and tested it with Firewire on PC, no joy, attempted to patch the firmware from the PC, no joy.
Was gettiong late when I decided to remove my Sony DWU-18, put that in the enclosure, the Benq in the computer [makes sense anyway, Benq 16x, Sony 8x, better chance of 16x on an internal]. Started up the PC, and the Sony drive was recognised [allbeit as a Initio DWU-18, in the device manager, but a Sony in Nero] and the Benq came up fine as well.

So all in all I’m happy with the end result.

In answer to DVD-VIP above.

  1. MacOSX: 10.3.9 and 10.3.4, Windows 2000 SP 4.
  2. Drive not visible to OS never mounts both Win and Mac.
  3. Benq DW1625, firmware # BBHA
  4. Not sure where to find this.
  5. Can’t help with the controller manufacturer, nothing on board, as mentioned above blue box with and eagle on it model number FR929

Hope this helps someone, I was just lucky to have two drives to play with.


I also got my combo enclosure from Computergeeks. No brand, description says “CAS-PM-525US”. Someone said it is OEM TDK enclosure. It doesn’t even have a fan…

The problem with the enclosure is I can burn via fireware but not USB. I can read via USB though. I actually flashed my BenQ 1640 via USB connection.

Here is the info on the chip:

INIC - 1430L

Smaller chip says:

To answer your questions:

  1. Windows XP Pro SP2
  2. Can not write via USB2 connection
  3. BenQ 1640 Firmware BEFB
  4. Don’t know… Is there any way I can check, e.g. by some software?
  5. Don’t know who is the manufacturer, but the chip info is as above.



One place to check out for “non-branded” Firewire and USB 2.0 information

Hope this helps someone!

I have the inito 1430L chipset using firewire no problems. Forget using usb2 you will never get a fast enough transfer rate. Use Firewire and Imgburn has issues with these enclosures so if it is locking up using imgburn that is you issue. I have had no issues using imgtoolburn or nero with this enclosure with my firewire. Also remember that nec and Benq use udma2 interface so you will have issues getting to 16x burns. The benq 1640 has external drive firmware you can download and crossflash at your own risk that will improve the transfer rate (or just crossflash it with plextor 740 firmware to make it udma4).