Unlike VCRs where you pop in a blank tape and your set to go, DVD recorders may take some time to be ready to record. First they must spin up to read the disc then is many cases must make the disc ready for use. Most LiteOn recorders must prepare most every disc for use (time varies, very long for DVD-RW). For other recorders it depends on the type of media used. Panasonic & LG recorders like DVD-R and it is ready for use in seconds with no second step, with other media an initialize step in needed which can take some time. In most cases once the disc has been formatted it can be removed and reused the no extra steps needed. If you like to “record on the fly” it is best to prepare a disc in advance. I keep a DVD-RW in my Panasonic, DVD+RW in my Liteon and a DVD-RAM in my LG all preset to LP record quality.