Initialization Failed


have used NeroLinux for a week now without a problem. But now i got a starange problem when i tries to burn an cdimage. I only gott the message: initialization failed. I have tested 4 different images and i know that they are ok. Yestoday i burned one of the images with the computer but today it’s hopless. The image type is .cue/.bin & .iso

Dist: Suse 9.2 PRO

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I’m having the same problem! ISO images work fine!

Anybody have some suggestions on how to fix this?

Regarding the cue/bin, it is maybe related to the character case of the bin filename. Please check (edit your .cue file) that the .bin filename case is exactly the same as the file on your system. If it is not the case, correct one of them (change the cue file, or rename the bin file)

The thing is that Windows systems are not case sensitive, and so, it can create a file named ‘image.bin’ and name it ‘IMAGE.BIN’ in your .cue file !

That did it! I changed the filename in .cue and it worked. Thanks a bunch!