Initial release of DVD transcoder software MovieJack DVD XL

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  Today, the  initial version of MovieJack DVD XL has been released. MovieJack DVD XL is a new transcoder software  that allows you to compress your DVD movies to fit on one or two ...
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There has sure been a flood of “1 click wonders” coming to market in the last few months. Competition in this segment is bordering on the ludicrous. Will this type software be necessry next month when the dual layer burners are readily available? Maybe for the short term while folks upgrade, but certainly not for the long term. :o

Until ‘normal’ people will all use Dual-Layer DVD-Recorders (most people still don’t even have a DVD-recorder at all) a long time will pass. And even then transcoders will be useful.

Not only that, but if you don’t need ALL of the extra features (making of, foreign languages, etc.), you’ll still be saving considerably on the cost of the media. I’ve been using CloneDVD 2 for transcoding and it works quite well. With a movie like “Pirates of the Caribbean”, I could see going for the entire disk since the features were well worth it.

can’t get it to work with anydvd… :frowning: moviejack normally makes pretty good quality…at least it did for svcd and divx

This looks like the DVD95Copy engine again… Can anyone verify this?

It sure does, i can confirm that. I had the opportunity to test MovieJack XL already March 21, and the first thing that struck me was the striking resemblance. Its a ripoff of the whole DVD95copy for sure.