Initial gap fix firmware... When?

I have had a mostly unusable Super “AllWrite” SHM-156P6S
for more than two months now.

While I appreciate the effort of Karr and Wind to get the
problem seen to, let’s have a look at the ideals the company sets itself:

“Lite-On Technology Corporation’s vision is to become a world-class
excellent company. The company will accomplish this not only through
leading global R&D and manufacturing technologies, but also through
the quality and distinctiveness of its products.”

An “excellent company” whose customer service staff basically tell
you to stick your head between your knees and kick your ass goodbye!

Products that distinguish themselves by getting the initial gap wrong, again, and again, and again. and …again.

“The company’s ability to generate profits will guide the industrial
circles in which it competes.”

Well, their ability to generate profits will be impaired if retailers have
to discount drives with faulty firmware, as has happened in Japan.
This type of guidance is a guide about what not to do.

"Additionally, Lite-On will supply employees with an optimum work
environment that helps them learn new skills and grow professionally
for the future. "

Well, they should teach a few skills to customers services and improve
communication within the company.
I am sure that the technicians want to do the best they can and
that the customer service people actually want to help.
Work is hard when communication is blocked and people don’t have
the skills, or the information that will help them do their job, is witheld.

It’s even worse if they have to lie to cover up gross mistakes.
I’m not saying that the customer support are lying, they are probably
kept ignorant. Someone in authority in the company, however, must be
very aware of these repeated foul ups.

As a consumer, I want a troublefree product. With technology as
amazing as this – platters spinning so fast and having tiny dots burnt
on them with great precision – I am not surprised that things can go
wrong. But if they do, the company, to maintain my consumer trust,
should be honest, sincere, and prompt when it comes to fixing the

A fix has been tested, presumably inside, but definitely outside, the
company, and we are still waiting for the official firmware update.

When will I be able to use my drive for the purpose for which it was bought?

Contact LiteOn and ask them.

Well i have been waiting 3 months now to get the SHW-160P6S working right.

firmware PS08 lead -in DVD-R gap Problum
firmware PS09 fast load clicks on pc startup & lead -in DVD-R gap Problum
Test firmware fast load clicks on pc startup

To be honist i think lite-on have had Enough time to sort out this problum.We have had no info on the forums about a fix for the mad clicks on boot up with the test firmware.

I am still waiting for a reply from “Customer Services”.

The idea of posting letters to company officers is appealing.

e-mail would be easier, especially as the company officers seem
to keep a low profile.
As far as I can see, no names are named on the corporate website.

Does anyone have any contact info?
Knowledge is power!

Anyway. all of us disgruntled should send mail of some sort.

I guess it depends on how much we admire LiteOn products and
care about getting the company to properly focus on its avowed

Turn off HT & OS. Burn a DVD to make changes stick. (A save to EEPROM option in SmartBurn or KProbe would be nice for this). Reboot. Noise should now be gone. It works for my 165P6S.

:bow: Thankyou very much your little trick seems to have worked ,now no load clicks at pc boot up. I wish someone had told me about this weeks ago.

Hey, does the clicking sound come only if you have HT & OS enabled?

Coz I am on the test firmware and I hear no clicking sounds.

I haven’t enabled HT & OS though :slight_smile:

Just randomly curious but… what exactly is this clicking sound you guys are talking about?

5 or 6 fast load clicks from dvd drive on pc startup .

Never experienced it with any of the following F/W: - PS08, PS09 & PV7U. :slight_smile:

The question is, does the clicking return when you turn HT back on? I have been using HT almost exclusively as it has helped my burns. I’ll have to try for myself if it goes away after a HT-off and back on again.

I have my drive in an external USB enclosure, the first few times I turned it on after updating to the test FW, there was the clicking sound. The last few times I’ve turned the drive on, the sound has changed to more of a squeek-buzz. Sounds slightly less unpleasant than the clicking, but it still doesn’t seem right.

To answer my own question, I burned a disc with HT/OS off, turned the enclosure off, then burned a disc with HT/OS on. Turned the drive off and back on again and the strange sound seems to have gone away.

After a night out turned the pc back on a the clicking returned again so god knows whats going on now.

Damn it, to update the freakin’ clicking noise is back again. :rolleyes: The sound was actually getting less disgusting, but now it’s back to the horrible clicking again. sigh.

I think if everyone sent the drives back maybe they would sort a fix out.Part working fix just isn’t any good.No more lite-on for me this will be the drive i buy from them. :a

I don’t experience any of those clicking sounds. Do all of you hear it?

I haven’t enabled HT & OS though

There’s your answer. Start using HT and/or OS and you’ll get to enjoy the nasty clicking.

scoobiedoobie / ukuser,

I have a 165P6S with MV7U F/W. HT and Os are enabled.

No nasty clicking sounds at PC startup.

Well, after my post is which I said I hadn’t enabled HT or OS, I enabled HT and burnt a DVD to make the settings permanent.

Now, HT is enabled always but, still am not enjoying the Nasty Clicking sounds. :bigsmile:

That’s why I asked whether all of you experience the sound in my last post.

I have decided to make the settings permanent immediately if you change the setting. Next firmware will do. :o