Ing SafeDisc on Flight Simulator 2004- help plz?

does anyone know how to the encryption? i read on a thread dating like 2 yrs back that it was safedisc 2.9 or something like that

i followed the instructions from that thread but the versions were too old

on my main compy fs2004 didnt reject the disc but the game exited automatically

on the compy i play fs2004 on (my secondary) it just rejected the disk altogether

i used blindwrite (latest) and read the disk using iso mode… then i got a .bwt and a .iso file. i mounted the .iso file on daemon tools and tried to burn.

anything wrong here? plz help me. thx

oh yes and i forgot to add that i have a sony dru-710a

the worlds worst drive ever lol

i have an emprex 4x dvd burner (whatever that is) that i could use

Just scan the .exe of the installed game with protection ID or A-Ray scanner and they will show you the protection used.After that make image with alcohol 120% latest version with correct protection profile in mds/mdf format , mount the image in virtual drive and play.