Infringement notice from Australian ISP

Hey, i thought the RIAA etc was only contacting ISP’s in the USA, but recently i got this email from my ISP (Dodo Internet) I’m from Australia and im using a 56K modem. My dad was using Kazaalite but i think he had the locale set to the USA instead of Australia and didn’t have the option to block the RIAA etc’s address range enabled, however he did have the “users can’t gain a list of all your shared files” enabled.
Has anyone else from Australia been threatened by their ISP?
This is the email message from my isp

Dear Valued Customer,

We have received reports of copyright infringement notices regarding distributing of copyright material through a peer-to-peer sharing program like kazaa, bareshare, winMX etc

The dodo acceptable use policy forbids such illegal activity on its network. We are requesting that you cease these activities immediately to prevent any such further reports. If we do receive further complaints regarding this issue from your account, we may be forced to terminate your account with dodo internet

Dodo Abuse Team

make sure the supernodes turned off and select dont share your files

as long as you are not using p2p programs illegally then you could sue dodo for using a p2p program. its like a vcr. they offer the ability to illegally share files but thats not the intended purpose. enen though kazaa built itself on that principle exclusively although they now deny it…