Infrared remote for pc

I bought an infrared reciever from ebuyer ( and it arrived yesterday. I wanted to make a remote for my pc so when im watching all my dvds and videos i dont have to get up to control it all. The infrared is a usb one and i was told that the program girder was the only one that supported it so ive downloaded that. The problem is that it doesnt detect the remote signal. I have installed the infrared and girder, and ive also tried a bunch of different plugins but it still doesnt work. At the bottom the lamp is green saying everything is ok but to the left of that it says “no devices are detected”. If anyone knows of any plugin or config to use please let me know.

Also if there is an alternate prog other than girder which supports usb infrared will try that too. All help is greatly appreciated, thx

Hi there,

For starters: are you sure that your USB receiver is catching the signals from the remote control you are using? I don’t exactly know how universal these remote controls and receivers are…
You’re not using a RF RC are you?

You might want to look into WinLirc as well!

u could have just got a creative sound blaster card with the front panel it comes with a remote i have the newest one its a sweet sound card and the front panel has optical inputs and out and spdif in and out. plus u can start and play music and movies or what ever with it.pluss i have a remote for my receiver for the pc sepakers so 2 remotes lol its kinda confusing setting the volume some time, one on the receiver one on the card one in the computer and one on the speakers lol.

last year i built my own IR receiver, the one compatible with WinLirc, it is great, works with any remote. it also work with girder software.

but last month i got a TV capture card (Terratec Cinergy 400), which comes with a remove control, this doesn’t work with winlirc (special hardware), but there is a girder made for it, and it’s GREAT too…