Infrared header

I Have an infrared header that I removed from my notebook.
I wish to adapt it for use on my MOBO is this possible?
It has 4 wires as a normal Ir Header does.
The problem is that none of the wire are labelled.
Is it possible to find out what wire is for what?
the circuit is very small and only has a few numbers on it.


did u search at google?

Originally posted by TerminatorShawn
did u search at google?

What good is this forum when you refer people to google?

I can understand pointing to search when you know this question has been asked before, but I cannot remember that and thus I think this is a valid question.

Unfortunately I don’t know the schematics for the particular infrared device taken out of the laptop, nor do I know the schematics for his particular motherboard of his PC, but I can very well imagine this is possible.

Perhaps more info on both systems would be helpful, in case there is no such thing as a standard connection/schematics…

i just said this as you may find diagrams created by some people. so, you can get images & procedures immediately.

I searched on google when i wanted to cross crimp my cables & i went easily through.

Also, hadn’t read anything similar on this forum so, i suggested searching google instead of CDFreaks.

sorry. :bow:

The Board is a soltek SL 75KAV
the notebook was a DELL Latitude LM.

I did find this during my search

the problem is that I cant figure out which cable does what on the header.

The wire colours are as follows
pin 1 red
pin 2 black
pin 3 yellow
pin 4 green
no pin 5

I would think that black would be Grd
the rest who knows.

thanks for the help

if anyone is interested I got it to work by using the info found here
has the test config for an asus board which worked for my soltek
with most importantly the colour coding req’d
a fluke really I think but Hey it works

thanks to those for the advice


thanks for sharing the useful info with us.