Infra-red Mouse & Switchbox's

Hi all,

Need help with an annoying problem… I’m running 3 systems with a KVM switch box (Belkin) so as only to use 1 keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Problem is I have a Logitech USB iFeel infra-red mouse…

When connected to the switch box, it lights up as if working but the pointer on screen dosen’t move. The switch box works fine as do the keyboard and monitor. The mouse just does naff all but light up.

Replace the mouse with a standard ball mouse and no problem…

I’ve tried the latest drivers and differant USB - PS2 adapters but no joy…

Any ideas ???:confused:

might sound like a dumb answer, but have you installed the software for the mouse on all three systems? i know how dumb and common sense that sounds, but sometimes thats the solution. will keep looking around for ya.

Yes, installed drivers on both machines but no joy…:a

The thing is that the special communication that is not in the standard PS/2 format is not supported by your KVM switch.

I have the same problem with a Logitech Wireless Desktop… the battery information is NOT given to the system(s).

Thanks guys,
Was hopeing there was a way round my problem but will have to suffer a crappy standard mouse until i can affford a dogs danglies KVM switch…

Nevermind, Thanks for the replyies…:bow:

Yea, I ran into the same problem even using one of the USB to PS2 adapters that came with my Trackman Marble, Belkin switches dont seem to like them much.


What are the chances of you returning the mouse ? or is it to late already ?

Think i’ll send Belkin a e-mail of complaint to see what they have do say !


Originally posted by Slinky1
[B]Think i’ll send Belkin a e-mail of complaint to see what they have do say !

:a [/B]

I can already tell you what they will answer :

“This KVM switch supports all the standard ps/2 functions , but not additional spooky functions some manufacturers have built in. That’s not our fault”

Looks like i will have to save for a combined USB switch then.