Infotool hangs



Infotools hang when scanning Aopen CD-RW.

I had a Benq DW1640 (BSHB Firmware) attached as IDE Secondary Master
Aopen CRW5232 (1.05 Firmware) attached as IDE Secondary Slave.

Using MSI KT4V (Chipset VIA Apollo KT400)
1GB DDR PC-2700 ram
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i had an Aopen cdwriter but the model number was crw5224 and it would lockup nero info tool. I had to restart the computer.
The only thing i could think to do was to stick a cd in there then start infotool; i dont know why but infotool would work with the Aopen drive only if i put a cd in the drive.
Have you tried that?
I would just stick a music cd in the drive and nero infotool would work.


Thanks for ur reply, I had the same. Infotools only finish scanning if there’s a disc in Aopen drive