It seems it can’t be downloaded from as the latest version available there is 4.03, so besides sites like aren’t there any official Nero ones where it can be grabbed from please?
I mean besides the humongous Nero Burning ROM package.



Nobody in the know :frowning: ?

I just tried with no problem downloading try again you should not have problem also.

Nero InfoTool is not available for download at CD Speed.
Officially, it is only available bundled with the Nero 7 bloatware package.

Nero InfoTool can be downloaded at

I can confirm. Nero InfoTool is ONLY in Nero package, actually.

Thanks for clearing that up, guess I’ll have to install Nero Bloating ROM 7 on a virtual machine and get the updated InfoTool from it.

When you do, can you host the file or something so others can snag it? :slight_smile:

Sure, just have a mod or admin confirm it’s OK to do so please.

I just updated Nero to version

Version had Nero InfoTool version I believe. Version has Nero InfoTool version

Anyway, the only thing I see different with this version of InfoTool is the ASPI tab has been renamed as System. I no longer see a ASPI tab to check your ASPI driver installation.

You are correct, has anyone found where they have put this, or have they deleted it completely?:sad:

I looked and looked, I can’t find it. It was a handy feature…I would check it once in a while…usually after I updated Nero, lol, to make sure nothing got corrupted. I just ran Adaptec’s ASPICHK for XP after this installing this latest update and everything came up o.k…

Hi :slight_smile:
For those who like piccies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Zebs: Maybe they have inserted it in another part of the program, if anyone can find I think it would be you:iagree:

It seems Nero InfoTools depends on the Nero 7 “AdvrCntr2.dll” currently in
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib (I’ve got some warning whitout it). came with

Just uploaded to the CDF servers. I didn’t update to the lastest Nero version now so I don’t have


Maybe someone can send me the required files (pm me for e-mail addy) so I can add this version too ;). Don’t want to update Nero in the next few days :wink:


thanks alan1476 :flower:

It confirms what I was saying.
BTW, it’s v4.2.1.0 (not v4.2.0.1)

Note : v4.2.0.0 doesn’t show “About Nero Infotool” at all… :rolleyes:

thanks, should be fixed now :wink:

Nero CD-DVD Speed got the same treatment :confused: : updated to ( with Nero and nowhere to be found on

But it was already on CDF :