Infos regarding Pioneer BDR-206

Can anyone tell me what the differences are between the BDR-206 and the BDR-206 DBK?
Unfortunately the pioneer webpage has no specification for the 206 just for the 206DBK and 206MBK.
Can anyone provide me with some info?

I’m not sure, but probably the difference is that one is the retail package and the other is OEM.

I believe that the BDR-206DBK is a European version of the 206 and is OEM because I have one. Technically they are the same but the firmwares are not meant to be compatible.

Does anyone know a test of the 206DBK?
Till now I’ve found only one for the MBK.

I now had the drive for a while and so far I’m satisfied, but there are 2 things that I find strange:

  1. The drive seems to take while to speed up to full speed when copying a disk onto the hard drive, is that normal?
  2. I tried Nero Drive Speed to see how far I can slow the drive down but there is no lower setting possible, can’t the drive be slowed down?
  1. and 2. doesnt fit together.

  2. Normal with any cd, dvd and so on.

  3. For what reason do you want to slow down it?

Of course not at the same time…

  1. I don’t have so much experience with optical drives but till now all usually started speeding up 1-2 seconds after I start copying something from the disc to the HD. That the Pioneer takes longer just makes me wonder if that is normal with this drive or if something is wrong.

  2. Slowing down is simply for reducing noise of the drive in case I listen to music or watch a movie.

  1. depends on the strategies bound to the drive via the firmware, eg. CAV or CLV.
    Slow starting is normal, because of the way an ODD handles discs.

  2. You may try with cd bremse.

Usually movies and music discs are read at 1x, and at this speed there is not much noise from the drive.

Computer drives tends to “assume” that you are trying to read the disc with a computer, and usually this means that you want to read the disc at maximum speed. After some time, however, the drive understand that you are reading the disc at 1x, and after about 1 minute the drive automatically slows down.

Maybe you don’t need to install any software. Did you try to wait for a couple of minutes? Is the drive slowing down automatically or not?