Information Please



Can someone please tell me what the Make Disc program soon to be availiable from the clone cd homepage is about?

And when will this program be availiable?

Is there any plans to make clone cd copy dvd's in the near future?

Thanks for all your great work Olli



well i think that make disk program is basically gonna be similar to NERO pertty much :slight_smile: which maybe a few good features :slight_smile:

i dont know when it is coming out :frowning:

and i dont know about copying dvd’s in future


“MakeDisc” should be a mastering software for CDs and DVDs. The user should be able to create backups of his CDs and DVDs on CD-R/RW and DVD+R/-R/-RW.
We are very busy working on that program and hope to release it this summer.

So please wait for the first beta version.

regards, sven