Information on Pioneer A05 revealed - 4x DVD-R end of October

I just posted the article Information on Pioneer A05 revealed - 4x DVD-R end of October.

The website has posted information on the latest DVD writer of Pioneer, the A05. This is the follow up of the populair A03 and A04 drives, the first populair consumer DVD…

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4x means 4.7 gigs in 15 minutes. Can’t wait for 8x :7

Media is still a bit too expensive for my blood. Any word on price drops for higher speed media? I still burn at 1x on my A04 because 2x media even in bulk) is still too pricey. :c

well then you are looking at the wrong places i don;t know in wich country you live but i live in the netherlands and you can buy Princo dvd-r 2x speed for just only 2.67 euro :4

When is Pioneer going to realize the real HighSpeed CD-RW starts at 10x ? :frowning:

Why buy the shitty Princo DVD-Rs when you can buy Prodisc 2xspeed DVD-R for 2 Euro?

where can you buy those Prodisc 2xspeed for 2 euro ???