Information On BUSH AV11K Home Cinema System Please



Hi all,

I found a DVD Home Cinema System for only £60 in Safeway here in the UK.

I was just wondering if anyone had used it and knew if it was any good. I am only looking for something cheap and useable.

It is the,

BUSH AV11K - Found small spec and overview at CompareStorePrices.Co.Uk but was looking for more.

Also does anyone have the bush homepage. All I can find when I search is President Bush and I really don’t want to go there.:a

Cheers all.


Well, it’s easy to make region free :


  1. Open the DVD tray, be sure to be in stop mode
  2. Now press SETUP KEY
  3. Now press NEXT , PREV , NEXT , PREV
  4. On screen you will see VERSION 2
  5. Select 255 for Region Free (using left and right)
  6. Press Setup Key to save settings

From what i can see of the specs , it looks very crappy to me (then again , what do you expect for such little money).

It seems to have a crappy remote control (looks very cheap) , but overall it comes out quite nice in reviews i fond everywhere.