Information on building a website

Hi, I have no experience on building websites but wanted to start a small one for myself. I was wondering if anyone knows of an inexpensive way to get a website hosted that might include templates so I could create my own pages. I wanted to be able to have my own domain name and not have a homestead or geocities type setup.


Suggest you look at

They seem to have the lowest prices and most features (if the ads in PC Magazine are true)-eh!

p.s. - How did the 3500 work out?

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the tip. As for the 3500 it is on the shelf right now, next to another NEC. I tried it and it works great. I really was amazed at the quality and consistency of the burns I was getting with my 3500 so I wanted to try another and have it around when my old one dies but it is still running strong and consistent. When this one dies I will just stick the one I got from you in!
:wink: :wink:


Kewl - glad to hear it found a happy home-

Good luck on the website - looks like they also offer a free website builder program - all in all - I have read/heard some very good things about!