Information on backing up firmware

Ok I have done lots of reading here over the last few months, I am sorta confused by this…
Things like “the best program to use” and “this uses xxxxxx to backup firmware may not be compatible with other flashers”

Ok I just backed up my original firmware with LtnFW, will this firmware be able to be used to reflash using the dos based flashing utilities in case of bad flash? or what should I use to do these task?

Not to dense I am, but rather trying to be thorough in not making a costly mistake.

Added a sig to myself with the hardware I use just in case it is neccesary…
thanks, hope it shows.

Not sure I got you right…
If you are talking about FIRMWARE then you will be able to reflash in DOS with
mtkflash. :cool:

But if you have eeprom in mind, that´s something else…

Do I need to back up the eeprom? if so, how-to? and with what utility should I use?

yes it is the factory firmware version US05 manufacture date of the 812s is Feb 2004.

thanks pinto2

I see dhc014 already answered your question. :wink:

You should not worry about your EEPROM. Yes, the firmware that you backed up using LtnFW can be flashed back onto your drive using LtnFW again or using mtkflash in DOS.

ok thanks guys. going to update the latest firmware for this drive, if it will be the best…before I install software for the dvd capabilities of the drive.
thanks again

You should definitely back up your eeprom, use a program called ltnflash, the eeprom stores your drive burn data and is very important if you want good burns. That way when the firmware makes any changes to it you can always revert back to both the original eeprom data as well as the flash data. I was a little confused in the beginning since the flash is also an EEPROM but amd calls it flash and people here seems to make a difference between the bios eeprom (flash) and the data eeprom… Latest ltnflash I found was v1.24… LtnFW is the same program with the eeprom stuff taken out.