Information Masking

Hi there i am writing a paper for my 1st year in uni and need information about masking the amount of information sent from an ISP to a Mobile usb

bassically so an ISP would send say 100GB over the month to the usb but however on ur bill it would come up only 1byte of usage if you follow lol

I have came up with serveral theories but as im 1st year not 100% sure it would work.

  1. Using a Zip file code to make any information sent/recieved to be less than it actually is
  2. Piggyback on the Usb signal
  3. Over power the signal bandwidth/strength
    4.Mask where the information has came from i.e. ur I.P addy

Any help would be appreciated thanks:bow:

Mobile broadband use the HSDPA / 3G standard and work by “dialing” into the ISP, so the ISP can count every single byte that is transferred during that session knowing that, just like a mobile telephone conversation over 3G network, there is no way anyone can evesdrop or piggyback on it.

Sorry this isn’t what you wanted to hear but unless you compress all the insormation that is send and received there is no way to get more info than you pay for.