Information abt dvd formats

i want to know that if i create a dvd and save it on hard drive…and then if the size if less then 700mb can i write on simple cd ?? and will it behave like dvd ??// like it shold be running 700mb cd on dvd rom …is it possible ??? bcoz i saw dvds having pc games … wt do u think guys ???

I can’t imagine it possible to create a DVD that will fit on a CD that one could possibly watch in comfort. Whether a DVD player would recognise it as a DVD movie I think unlikely.
Movies upto about 1 hour can be converted to VCD or SVCD and still be watchable.

I think software will not allow you to create a DVD-standard CD (as a ifo/vob like structure); you can use VCD/SVCD for that. I also do not think you will be able to copy small recroded information from a DVD to a CD, in terms of precise copy (as in Copy CD), because data is written in different places and in different places, as regards the table of contents, on a CD and DVD.
DVD’s having PC games are just the games recorded on a DVD, which from a user’s point of view is much the same as recording a CD. Copying, however, is another busines. Sorry, what you are asking may not be very possible.

For short movies it is possible create a DVD on a CD. It’s called “mini DVD”.

This can be useful if you want to store some specials on a CD, or if you want create an only trailers disc.

Or simply if the movie is really short (for example, some “homemade” camera movies).

Nero allow this, and I’ve made some minidvd successfully. Simply select minidvd on new compilation window in nero.