Information about Samsung SM-348B buffer size

If you consider buying this nice combo drive it may be nice to know that the OEM/Bulk version do only have 2Mb buffer while the retail version have 8Mb buffer.

In my opinion go for the retail version as 6Mb more buffer helps to keep the recording time down when multitasking.

Yes I know that the OEM/Bulk version do only have 2Mb, because I have the OEM version here…with only 2Mb buffer.

I have heard some bad things about this drive. Mostly that it was extremely difficult to get it to burn at more than 24x

Do you have any similar problems?

I think I know what you mean. With high quality media like TY and Ritek(48X certified) there is usually no problems. But with some other brands like prodisc and moser baer (which is set to 48X recording in firmware) it often slows down to 24X and stays at 24X the rest of the disc. Disc with tiny scratches, dirt or dust may also cause this behaviour.

But in many cases this drive seems to give very low c1/c2 error numbers which is a good thing.

And it writes my old crappy postech discs at 40X with very low c1 ( <0,02 ) error rates. Finally I may use the rest of those discs.