Information about Plextor drives & SD2 copies

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CDR-Info has visited the CeBit 2001 booth and looked for new things. They have an article about the new plextor drives soon to be released and their future plans. As the reactions of our previous…

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but i still dont understand…why is the 121032 with firmware 1.00 - 1.04 capable of copying SD2, and with 1.05 or up not anymore? And why did plextor deleted these old firmwares from their servers?

Well, Ive been visiting CeBIT, too, and visited various known vendors. We’ve also been talking about SD2 but guess why do you think Plextor isn’t interested in supporting the 120min CDRs you can get at Think about it :7 - I believe Plextor will never support it…and I got further information that more and more drives that come out in the future won’t support RAW/DAO plus all 96Subcodes anymore :r

hehe, by the time plexie are up to date everyone will have a phillips drive

Of course, Plextor WOULD NEVER admit that they’re trying to prevent users from duplicating SD2-CDs… I don’t believe them a single word any more - too many facts are speaking against them… …and I will NEVER buy a drive from plextor any more :frowning: XiT

why would plextor prevent users from duplicating SD2 games? Do they really give a fuck what users copy with the drives? As long as they copy…

Maybe Plextor are making an extra buck by doing this. I’m sure you can find someone who are interested in copy-protecting their cds…