Information about Platinum DVD+R media?

Does anyone know the MID (ID) for those media from platinum?

Platinum 16x for cakebox of 50

Platinum 16x for cakebox of 25

And those of 8x?

50 pieces

25 pieces

They have Taiyo Yuden boxes and have the stamp of computer bild “GUT”

Are they fake Taiyo Yuden?

Are the media the same from the boxes of 25 or 50?

Platinum media are good or crappy?

16x +R
Those are you options. I can’t give you any guarantee on which one you will get !

RitekR05 - very drive dependant, with the right setup GOOD
MCC004 - Not verbatim quality and consistency but ussable
CMC MAG M01 - Not good.

8x +R
Ricohjnpr02 (ritek)
MCC003 (CMC)
Daxon AZ2

Thank’s dakhaas for the quick answer…

Well, even thought just add one more to the list: CMC MAG E01

I went to the store and bought these box (the price was good and I was really hurry to buy them) and they are CMC MAG E01.

What can you say about the quality of these media?

Another question I want to make is: A CMC MAG E01 disc from Platinum is just equal to a disk of CMC MAG E01 from TDK? Or they can be different?

(I’ve TDK discs that they are CMC MAG E01 and they don’t give me no problems with my recorder QSI SDW-041. Ya I know “buy a new recorder”… I’m thinking to buy a “NEC ND-7540A 8X SLIM DUAL LAYER”!)

AE1 is -R :bigsmile:

That’s what happens going by head to give a quick answer. :bigsmile:

I couldn’t resist it, you never make mistakes :bigsmile:


Well, the boxes are only TY-lookalike. Real TY boxes are slightly different. There should be some statement about the real TY spindles here in that forum.
About the “ComputerBild: Gut”. Seen the date? 2004. This is definitely not the same media as in the test. You may ask the people at what they think about this kind of advertising.

Platinum media are good or crappy?
Supermarket grade stuff. and not really cheap compared to known good media like Verbatim. Also, you don’t know, what you get. This week, it’s CMC, next week there is Ritek.


On the first picture it’s 13/2006, but i can’t read the text (is seems to be “preisgünstig” or something similar). However for me neither “preisgunstig” nor “gut” media is good enough so i’d stay away from these Platinums. I remember their “quality” cd-rs from some years ago and it’s unlikely that their dvds are better.

It’s Preis-Leistungs-Sieger (Price/Value winner). Many “value” brands put these awards on the packaging…

It’s surprising to me that the value is supposed to be so good as I can get Verbatim for the same or even lower prices. And I would definitely pick Verbatim over Platinum, even if the Verbatim is from India. :bigsmile:

But on the other hand, Computerbild is known as a magazine mostly read by non-tech-savvy users. They often rate supermarket PCs very well, although they usually often aren’t [I]that[/I] good…

Your to nice, I make quite some mistakes but I do try to cover them up nicely. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can add for 16x Platinums +R the following MID as another option: RITEK F16.


It depends at what your looking at and based on the public Computerbild is aiming I can agree with rating quite some supermarket Pcs good up to very well.
You and me and probably a lot of other users on this board would prefer to build a custom system over such supermarket system for some reason.

However for the average Joe these supermarket pc’s can be a good to excellent option if you see the time and costs it takes to make such custom system.