Information about LG GCC-4522B Combo Drive?

I found a shop that still offered unused LG GCE-8527B CD-R drives. As I was very satisfied with my GCE-8400B, 8520B and 8523B I wanted some more drives of that series. Unfortunately the dealer sent me LG GCC-4522B Combo drives instead.

Now I wonder if those drives have a similar chipset and the same very good writing quality (and the same writing strategies) as the GCE series writers. Or are these drives completely different and have nothing to do with the GCE drives? Then I would return them after this weekend and try to find some GCEs somewhere else.


The latest LG CDRW drives were reportedly not that good as the older ones.
The combo drives are different, of course, but I think, they are as good as the plain CDRW drives. If you got them for the same price, I would keep them as they have the additional advantage of being able to read DVD discs.