Infomediar30 any good?

They are labeled intenso high quality 16x and have the media code Infomediar30.

They were more expensive than the ati branded Sony16D1 I usually get but I wanted to try them out since they had a nice looking box :rolleyes:

My first concern is that my benq DW1670 will only let them write at maximum 8x speed and they were advertised as 16x.

My second is i’ve seen Sony16D1 listed as first quality media by independent testers, but I can’t find much on Infomediar30.

Do they retain?
Are they high quality?

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As I mentioned in another thread, I’m not sure about long-term, other members can answer that I hope, but they burn very nicely in my experience (on a LiteOn drive, though).

You might try looking for a firmware update for your drive, if you want to burn them any higher than 8x…but personally, to play it safe I’d stick with the 8x offered.

Not exactly high quality media (if you want quality, you’re better off buying Verbatim or maybe Sony), but definitely good enough for everyday use IMO.

Infomedia R30 is one of the most underrated MID codes (even under cheap brands like Intenso). In my experience is superior to Sony16D1 :smiley:
But as Arachne said, you should burn it at 8x speed, even if your drive will support 16x writing speed on them (after fw upgrade).

Never had problems with Imfomedia, my 7200A love the -R media, and here is a on good example, i also had a few +R and never had any problems, btw all media were Philips.

Sony media is also good, i would probably be getting both of them :D.

This MID doesn’t seem to be available in the states.

Yes, I remember Albert saying that all philips media in the states are from CMC MAG.

[QUOTE=vroom;2120726]Yes, I remember Albert saying that all philips media in the states are from CMC MAG.[/QUOTE]

All the Philips DVD media in my local supermarket are MBIL-made…which is just fine for me as playback is flawless :slight_smile:

Another example of underestimated media.

Talking about the MII.

[QUOTE=vroom;2120755]Another example of underestimated media.

Talking about the MII.[/QUOTE]

Indeed, 100% agree there :iagree: