InfoMedia made is not bad, ah

I just bought a spindle of 10ps DSE brand 16x DVD+R, tried it out and got this. Not too bad.

I also got a pack of 10+2 Imation, this first one I got is showing here as well. However, it got a big cluster of high PI and PIF at the early stage. I am wondering it is an one-off case (need futher test to confirm) ?

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The first burn is good, the second result is awful. These older Liteons apparently don’t have a clue when it comes to burning CMC M01, someone just posted another poor result with their 1633 (very similar drive, can be flashed via firmware to a 1653 actually). You may want to look into changing the firmware (I don’t know what the latest official firmware is) or burning at 8x and seeing if it improves. You could look into write strategy swapping in the firmware using MCSE, but since you only bought 10 of them it may be a waste of time.

Infomedia is really not that bad media I have been saying this for quite some time.
Most +R infomedia stuff has a full approval from philips.

However support is a different story some older drive do not like them.

DSE? as in Dick Smith Electronics?
any chance you could post pics of the packaging?

i thought all their stuff was CMC made

Where did you get that DSE brand 16x DVD+R media??