Infome R20 Dvd+r 8x



These are scans of INFOME R20 DVD+R 8X media (Emgeton DVD+R 8X) burned at 12X with BenQ DW1620 B7T9.
These media are from 100pcs spindle. Some of them have those PIF peaks, which cause serious playback problems. On the other side, the rest of them is perfect. It seems that 1 of 5 discs is bad (I have burnt 15, 3 were bad so far - I don’t know about the rest of the spindle now - I will keep you informed here)


sounds good!


Here is mine, look pretty good for 20 cents


is it just my sohw822s@832s, or did i made a big mistake?

Burned at 4x w/ liteon sohw822s@832s


Here is mine, look pretty good for 20 cents

For 20 cents it really looks great. But for such a price people shouldn’t expect this media to be that great allways. Really if you see the production costs and licensing costs you wonder how they can actually sell good quality consistant media for 0.20 retail.