Infodisc inconsistancies?

Damn this is the most inconsistant media I ever saw. I looked back at some Infodisc 4x DVD-Rs (that I bought like 9 dollars canadian for a 50 discs spindle), and it’s sometimes just so pathetically badly mended together it’s histerical. I have many discs with top plastic silver protective layers (yes, you read that right) on TOP OF ONE ANOTHER. And then I tried to burn them with my Pioneer DVR-108 (with firmware 1.19): it made errors non-stop at 4x, at 2x it was virtually unplayable, and at 1x I think I never saw so many read errors in my life. My BenQ DW1620 also loathes them, with less extremes but overall more average mediocrity. This might just be the worst media I have ever seen, I’d be more confident to put my important documents on 1x 16x overspeed Princo DVD-R. I wonder if any other people had similar issues, or similar issues with other media, I figure out it cannot, or at least hardly, get beaten. I would post scans but I am actually SCARED to ever put them in an optical drive again. :wink: