Infodisc CD-RW

I’ve just taken an Infodisc CD-RW, rewritten maybe about twelve times, and “scanned” it (well, with this Litey, it’s actually more like a quality guess, they are so inaccurate).

Anyway, the results were really surprising. The C1 level was very high (considering the drive) and scanning at some speeds (24x, 32x) even revealed C2…
Is Infodisc always so crappy? Are other CD-RWs actually nicer or is it all similar?
(I’m still sitting on about 15 Infodisc CD-RW, will post more scans as I will scan my CD-RW collection now.)

Verbies for CD-RW only for me from now on. Will get me some Made in Singapore (yay!) HS-RW and Made in Taiwan US-RW next month with my monthly big stock up event.

Oh, and by the way, which scanning speed is the best for Litey DVD writers? (I know this sounds kinda like a stupid question.)

Infodisc CD-RW are utter crap. stay away.
results are better with better CDRW media.

AFAIK Lite-On DVD burners are bad CD scanners (i’m by no means a Lite-On expert, but i believe that’s what i’ve read here @ cdfreaks more than once).
scan using a Lite-On CDRW drive.

I know that the C1 error rates reported by them are too low. I believe that the discs must be really crappy, considering that even this drive reports so high C1!
Well, I think I’ll throw that CD-RW away then. I bought it about a year ago when I didn’t have any clue of blank media and thought that cheap is good…
Another disc here is not even recognized by my Litey anymore.
Oh, and by the way, the brand is EMTEC. Not a reputable brand.

EDIT: Burned and scanned another, my Litey absolutely hates them. I’ll try to get rid of them now…

LiteOn 5S and 6S series DVD burners are almost useless as CD scanners because they report ridiculously low C1/C2 (look here). I’m not sure about 1S, 2S and 3S series drives.

I use the “almost” disclaimer because they don’t report too high C1/C2 numbers, so you can basically trust them when they say a CD is bad - then it’s really bad.

Well, the 2S drives weren’t really better anyway, at least from the scans I saw from them.
But thanks for clearing this up, [B]Drage[/B].

I bought an Intenso 4X-12X speed once, which turned out to be Infodisc. It didn’t last long either. Intenso and Emtec, two brands to avoid around here.

Add Platinum, Tevion, Octron, Sky Media, Memorex (yes, Memorex uses lots of Infodiscs)…
The list is endless. :slight_smile:

:iagree: All these should be recycled before being sold to the ignorent masses - what a waste! :wink:

Sadly Kankyo Assist Co. Ltd. has not opened any offices in Germany yet. I would send the Infodiscs to them if I could. At least I would know that the polycarbonate would have a nicer and longer second life then.
(Insider joke!)

  • Kankyo Assist Co. Ltd. is a polycarbonate recycling subsidiary of Taiyo Yuden.

(Hey, polycarbonate is missing!)

I saw another post recently where you mentioned this recycling company :wink: .

Yes, I’m a huge fanboy of TY… especially for CD-R. :iagree:
I still wonder what the structure of TY looks like. Most of their sub-companies don’t seem to even have websites or something like that, just addresses somewhere in Japan, and we don’t even know which function they have.

Looks like a job for Secret Agent Evilboy :bigsmile:

exactly. I have got Memorex and Dysan branded Infodisc CD-RWs and they’re both terrible. :Z
Here is the disc quality result of Memorex CD-RW 8-12×, burned with Benq DW1655, BCIB:

Do you have a LiteOn CD writer or NEC DVD writer to scan the CD-R? The BenQ seems to be slightly buggy :smiley:

The 3S series is useless as well- next to no C1’s and erratic C2 spikes in impeccable discs. My 165P6S is “better” than my 1213S (@1653S) was.

The one Intenso CD-RW I have was Nanya (OK but not great)- so you don’t really know what you’re getting there either. I’d only use Verbatim CD-RW!


FYE*, a few horror scans from Infodisc CD-RW which was <1 year and <10 rewrites, with anything from C2 errors to rotting from the outside.
I know bringing old threads up is evil, but still I couldn’t resist after this.
I’ll throw all of those away now as I think they suck.

I hope the HS-CD-RW (MIS!), US-CD-RW and US±CD-RW Verbies I just bought yesterday will do a better and longer job.

Infodisc - never again.

  • FYE = For your entertainment

This thread isn’t old, and besides - you’re the “evil” boy! :bigsmile:


I have some very old Samsung CD-RWs made by Infodisc. They are unreadable after 3 years.

Now I am sorry for bringing this thread up :p, but

I have some very old Samsung CD-RWs made by Infodisc. They are unreadable after 3 years.

Ha! You are AWFULLY lucky. All my Infodisc CD-RWs had very long lives :wink: of about 3 MONTHS (!!! :a ). That’s for HS CD-RWs. US CD-RWs - readable only 1 month.

That’s why I always have psychopathy attacks, when I see/hear/feel (etc.) MIDs beginning with “Info”, like INFODISC, INFOME… :bigsmile:.