How do you no what motherborad you have? Is there a program or something because I have lost the manule and box for it.

download infotool

Everest is an excellent tool for all sorts of system info. Give me a sec, and I’ll Google for a link, since it’s not available on the Lavalys (developer) site any more.

Edit: Here you go:


Open case and see directly mainboard. It should be brand name and model printed on the mainboard itself

Cheers Arachne, ive had problems finding info on another computer, where it cant find any info in infotool :a ill try this on it :D:D:D:D:D

@geno a post without a kitten? :bigsmile:

Hopefully you’ll get what you need from it, it’s a good little proggy…I have it on both my PCs :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Everest no longer updated. How about PCWizard:
BTW other goodies @ this site to check out . :iagree:

I know, but I was hoping it might help if the OP’s mobo isn’t cutting-edge. :slight_smile:

PC Wizard…I’ll have to check that out, cheers for the link! :iagree:

wow… it tells you everything

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes, there’s nothing wrong with Everest :clap: , but it’s worth having another string to your bow. :iagree: All these links your now having to save. Does this mean some of you kitty pics will become orphans as you make space on you hd? :doh: :sad:

Another string to the bow…absolutely! Both programs will have their place on my HDD :bigsmile:

OT: Pics…that’s what DVD-RAM is for :wink:

@haveacigar…which program did you try?

your proggy arachne ;)…

i know its off topic, but i havnt read that much about dvd ram, is that a drag and drop kind of disk?

Try zebadee’s linky too…I’m going to in a bit :slight_smile:

OT: yep, it is. :iagree:

hmmm i might have to change my mind about the burner then… i like the sound of dvd-ram…