Info Required



I have been reading your forum for the past month ,since I bought a cdrw [samsung sw224]
I need your help regarding something
I recently got 10 pack frontech cdrs[32x]
I am not able to check them with cdr identifier as I am using windows xp and as soon as I run it , the system crashes
So using CDSpeed I found out that it is manufactured by ritek
dye type 7(media code 97m15s17f)
Could You tell me Whether they are phthalocyanine(I am getting the real cheap $19.97/100)
From what i believe dye type 7 is only possible with phthalocyanine and not cyanine but please let me know what you think about the frontech cds

Ashish Kumar


Ritek type 7 is good stuff.

Cyanine is type 0-4, phthalocyanine is type 5-9.

So yes they are phthalocyanine.