Info please

I have 3 Plex writers and one big problem . PX-W121032 & PX-W4824A V1.03 work fine without problems but third writer PX-W4012A V1.03 didn’t work like other two.Plex4012 Without reason make write error and when I burn CD with that burner I’m really happy. One of 10 are bad CD.With other writers I haven’t problems. I want to know what is DMA jumper at the writers backside. I didn’t try only with that jumper .Please anybody explane to me what is that jumper.

DMA is enabled by default for the 40x Plextor burner. Don’t change any jumper settings on the back. All this might do is disable DMA and force PIO, which is not what you want.

The probable reason that you are getting errors with the 40x Plextor and not the others is the 40x high speed recording capability. There are a lot of media that can’t handle the highest speeds, and will return errors if this is attempted.

As an experiment, try reducing the recording speed of the 40x Plextor with the media producing the errrors and problems. The error rate will usually decrease when problem media is recorded at a lower speed.

I burn about 130 CD with TDK media at the all speed.And errors are produced when Intel Intel® Application Accelerator is installed.With WindowsXP default drivers is almost ok.But Other writers work with or without Intel® Application Accelerator without errors I havn’t burned bad CD with other writers.
I will try what you say…again
Thanks Inertia

Use the latest Inf 4.20.1007 , and about the Intel® Application Accelerator ,there is few versions that they operate stable …
Try to stick in the 2.2 ver the others like 2.22 or 2.3 is not that stable or compatible with many burning programs …

Thank you Olyboy.I Use the latest Inf 4.20.1007 & Intel® Application Accelerator 2.2 vers. and my writer is much faster and didn’t make write errors (I hope forever).Thank you again

You are welcome . :slight_smile: