Info on XP 64-Bit

Do i need a special computer for windows xp 64bit edition?
Does it have to be a certain speed/ram etc?

It has to have a 64-bit processor.

ok cheers.
Are they more over priced than a standard pc?
Can i just buy a normal pc and buy a 64bit processor?

AMD as opposed to Intel Processors are 64 Bit and are usually a bit cheaper!

Intel also has 64 bit processors…

Have to have a motherboard, processor, bios, and software which support 64bit. Currently that is little if anything that can benefit from 64bit processing. I saw a test down with the same rig running 32bit os, and 64bit os, and there were some very minor differences in a few areas (rendering was one), but until software comes out to support it, it won’t be a big thing.
If you have lots of money and want to be ahead of the game, then by all means start getting set up and ready. As for me, I’ll wait until it’s been out and proven for awhile, before I buy.

OK. I’ll rephrase, AMD ATHLON 64 processors have been around longer are alleged to be faster and are usually cheaper

64-bit Windows is a waste of your time at the moment. Lots of stuff just doesn’t work - that includes many of the major antivirus programs as well as common applications. Graphics drivers for 64-bit operating systems have limited functionality, and games don’t work.

That said, I concur that if you are now building a machine that it makes sense to get 64-bit hardware so that when 64-bit Windows is a viable platform, you’re ready.