Info on Soulchain / Godabuzz

I just posted the article Info on Soulchain / Godabuzz.

Submitted by: BaRTBaRiaN

Soulnchain is down, and they will be down permanently.
Whoever enters the soulnchian site will see the same pornsite as when…

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Damn. Time to get ADSL


Time for that SATELLITE-LINK!

Theory: The Godabuzz crew is out there for the money. Now, they made Godabuzz, it became popular, they changed it to a porn site. They “moved” to, it became popular, they turned it into porn, they turned it all into money!

Well who blames them? How many of you warezers click on banners? Who thanks those ppl who upload all that stuff we get for free? Who? NOONE! This is why I don’t blame them. A FTP site will simply not give any profit, unless they force us to click on banners before we can logg in, and that’s horrible!!!

Therefore, let’s start clicking on those small banners, once/day! (Yeah right, like anyone would do it…)

so they did post it afterall.
man i posted this a few days ago.
thought it would never show up.
anyway, hope u guys r well enough informed.


cable rulez