Info on smaller manufacturers of optical media

First some info about other manufacturers.

Vivastar - Was a Swiss companny which went bankrupt in arround I think late 2001/early 2002
The tried to spin off two daughter compannies. One was a trading companny which closed later in the end of 2002.
The other was the R&D devision which was bought up australian companny and was named to Interaxia.Which was a technology supplier for quite some compannies (3A/SKY/and some hongkong manufacturers) when it came to DYE and stamper technology but also supplier or manufacturing/replication sollutions.

It seems that interaxia no longer exists since 2006. The site is down, however the bulgarian devision site is still up.

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Hmm not ritek ussing Ricoh MID (supervised or not by Ricoh ?). Because Ricoh’s own production is rare !!!

Maybe nice to change the title and make it a overview of all data on smaller manufacturers ( that once made media)

I think Sky were originally from Switzerland.

A few years ago, media under the Sky brand (Plasmon CD-R, with “Swiss made” on the packaging) were sold in German supermarkets.
Media under the Sky brand is still sold in some German supermarkets (both CD-R apparently made by Ritek, and DVD+/-R that is some generic crappy stuff in weird double-bottom cakeboxes), but I’m not touching their DVD media not even with a flagpole. :wink:

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Actually, I made a mistake. Just saw a photo of one and have no doubt they are also made by Moser Baer.

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Does SkyMedia Manufacturing still exist? I’ve heard that they had a serious financial troubles…

Skymedia doesn’t exist any more. They went down last year.
They first moved production from austria to Slowakei (were they started producing in 2005) but even that couldn’t save them.
They did do some customizing in switzerland at that time still ussing RItek and Optodisc media mostly.
In the past they were suppliers and customizers for Tevion.
There homebrand was swisstec.
They mostly used plasmon on interaxia code but for dvd’s they did have some own codes.
SKYMEDIA-R01-000 and SKYMEDIA-R03-000 for instance.

So any priority on the following ones ?
Digital Disc Dessau
Customer Pressing Oosterhout
Euro Digital Disc

Maybe first start with european ones and then later the other ones and it might be a nice idea to add it to cdfreaks wiki as well.

Thanks. They planned to build the biggest and most modern European DVD and CD manufacturing plant in Slovakia, but that was never realised. Although some of the Sky Media’s DVD brands like Eternity was printed and packaged in Slovakia, but manufactured in Thailand (Nanya), India (MBI) or Taiwan (Optodisc). Wasn’t stampers with that MID codes SKYMEDIA-R01-000 and SKYMEDIA-R03-000 just customized Interaxia or Plasmon stampers? AFAIK that codes have big compatibility problems, so they later switched to standart POMSC… and VDSP… codes.
Priority -> Digital Disc Dessau

Well, the CD Freaks Wiki is not really functional at all.
I would really love to add more information but when I last checked it out (before the relaunch) it was both abandoned and write-protected, and now I don’t even remember its address. :frowning:

Some of the local shops still sell sky branded media, for example Toom (member of the REWE chain)…
I thought Nanya was a [I]Taiwanese [/I]subsidiary of VIA (they also made their own CD-R with Ciba Ultra Green), and the only Thai manufacturer that I know of is TMI (Thai Media Industries, media sold as Lucky Seven in Japan, in a That’s cakebox :eek: ).

Digital Disc Dessau’s (MID: DDDessau, DDD DVDR…?) website went down quite some time ago but their last address was:

Digital Disc Dessau GmbH
Seelmannstr. 26
06847 Dessau

Telefon: 0340-5025811
Telefax: 0340-5025828

Their media was apparently sold under the Intenso brand (a brand that apparently sells all kinds of stuff from good Optodisc to TY fakes) and also under the Lazer brand.
IIRC, it was also reported (in forums or newsgroups?) that they sold media directly at their factory in Dessau (Germany).

You are right, they moved their CD-R (not DVD±R) production to Thailand (to unknown manufacturer using Plasmon & Ciba technology) :doh:

BTW what is the most obscure MID (or manufacturer) you have ever encountered?

ISO001 :bigsmile: :doh:

I would have to check my info how it exactly was with the stampers.
I do know they had a -R with interaxia code while SKYMEDIA-R03-000 is a 8x DVD+R !


I don’t think so. Via would love to own Nanya. Nanya is one of the largest plastic compannies in the world, have a large technology and chip devision were VIA is a big customer.

[B]cdfreaks wiki[/B]

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Okay maybe collect the data here and then later fix something arround it later.

Digital Disc Dessau was a german manufacturer.
Some special info about there DVD media.
Digital Dessau used Organice CYANINE dye. Also they were the training site for organica’s materials.

Now I’m going to up a real can of worms here.
Remember that MAM-E allways claimes we have such hightech own good dye no cheap cyanine media and blahblah blah. Fact is that quite some production was done by Digital Dessau at one point ussing the organica cyanine dye.

Brands that used digital disc dessau:
Lazer,Intenso, MAM-E,SK and lot’s of small B-brands. If you want I can put up more.

Digital Dessau stopped producing in 2005 if I’m right then they filled at least insolvency.

By the way, does SK have any correlation with the Korean SKC Media?
I’ve read somewhere that SKC Media has some business with SK, but don’t know if they are closely related (maybe one is a division of the other) or are different independent companies.

Argh… mixed something up. It’s the other way around :doh:
Both VIA and Nan-Ya Plastics are companies of the [I]Formosa Plastics Group[/I].

Don’t mix up SK (media brand) and SKC…

[B]SK Kassetten[/B] (originally called [I]Sauerland Kunststoffe[/I] = Sauerland Plastics) is a German brand relabeling stuff like Optodisc, fake TY, CMC, Customer Pressing Oosterhout and other weird stuff.
They also OEM as “BURN ME!”, “i-b@se” (for the Plus supermarkets), “Gut und Billig” (for the Marktkauf and Edeka supermarkets) and “Müller”.
IIRC they used to sell some of their own VHS and audio tape production.

Their old packaging used to look like this:

(Note the SK[B]<<<[/B]!)

[B]SKC [/B]is [B]SK Chemicals[/B] (used to be [I]Sunkyung Chemicals[/I]), a part of the Korean SK group unrelated to German [I]SK Kassetten[/I].
Both their logo and their packaging are different.

If you want to travel in time, are interested in media history and are not afraid of German, InstantInfo may be interesting. Sadly, this website is not being updated anymore. :frowning:

I’d really love to work on a wiki, this information could be even more useful if sorted :iagree:

Aah yes your right and I should have known that Formosa owned both. :doh:

And can somebody tell me something about Customer Pressing Oosterhout and Vivastar AG?