Info on smaller manufacturers of optical media

Hello, I need further information about these 2 companies (their history, history of their products, products range, ATIPS and technology info, etc). I would be very glad if anyone would provide me with such informations. Thanks :bow:

[B]3A Media[/B] is from the Austrian State of Burgenland and have sold quite some media under their brand in Austria.
They have offered hacked firmware on their website because their media codes (which were some generic Plasmon?? stuff anyway) were not properly supported by the manufacturers.

There are some scans of 3A media here:

See also:

[B]OMP S.A.[/B] is a subsidiary of Intersonic S.A. and is located in the town of Thiva in Greece.

You might find some more information about OMP here:

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I have already seen most of the links you have posted. Thanks however :bow:

I need info about their present activities, general informations about both companies and further technical informations - which MID’s (stampers, dye…), manufacturing equipment they have used (or are still using), how many discs they sold (sell) per year, etc…
For example I know that 3A Media used at least 4 Plasmon standard MIDs (PLASMON…; POMSC…), few customised MIDs (POMS3A…), standard Interaxia AG MID (VDSP…) and Steag Hama MID (SHT…). Are there any more MIDs they were using? Do somebody knows something about their beginnings?

You might have more luck in some German, Austrian or Greek forums…

But generally there is not much information about 3A’s discs out there, except for a few links like that:

This link is interesting though:

“[I]3A Media develops and produces optical storage media and was established as a subsidiary of 3A Holdings. Also distribute Hewlett-Packard optical disc products.[/I]”

HP optical disc products… the CMC stuff? Isn’t that distributed by Medea? :confused:

This type of information is likely to only be available in industry publications (if at all). I’ve never seen such information for even the largest manufacturers publically available on the internet (except brief summary on digitimes).

Where’d you hear/read that?

It was on the Medea website :slight_smile:

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BTW are both companies still producing anything? They had a serious problems in 2005 but I don’t know if they are totally closed down…

In short on 3a.

3A media stopped with manufacturing there own media.
These days they do customizing and distribution.
With customizing I mean is that they buy media from a third party and add the appropriaty prints/ layers.

More info (some history and stuff) I could post when I have time.

One of there customers for that work is EMTEC.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I have thought. I have got some 3A Media branded MCC fakes… :doh:

Ouch. :doh:
No surprise actually, as EMTEC is known for selling MCC 004 fakes from Macau.

Emtec uses these days whatever they can get there hands on that is cheap.
Incase of MCC code most stuff is fake. But in some rare cases CMC (b-grade) made stuff shows up.

3A Media DVD’s with MCC code are definitely fakes, probably made by Infosmart :Z

I also would be very glad if anyone can post any informations about other smaller European manufacters, e.g. SkyMedia Manufacturing, Sentinel, Mirex, Vivastar, etc

Mirex Ekaterinburg is a russian company that produces CDs and DVDs usually on the post-USSR territory. They have a CD-making plant in Ekaterinburg, their DVDs are being made in India, though the package says “Made in Russia”. For example, their 16x DVD-Rs can be MCC 03RG20 or MBI 03RG40. Mirex 8x DVD+Rs used to be MBIPG101 R04, even rather high-quality usually (judging by the scans, though).
Their CD-R equipment consists of 2 lines: Multi Media Masters & Machinery SA (4M) and Steag Hama. Their own CDs’ mediacodes can be 4M or Plasmon. The 4M version turned out to be surprisingly fine, but the Plazmon CD-Rs degrade quickly. However, Mirex Maestro Black (Vinyl) CD-Rs are being made by Ritek, 10x CD-RWs - by MBI and 24x CDs - by Infodisc :Z. Don’t know about others, however. Oh, I forget: their DVD+R DL (the package says DualLayer, BTW :eek:) are being made by Ricoh. - rather poor info in English, though also may be interesting. I mean, there is nothing except the company info on that page. The Russian version contains the list of products, news etc. etc.

As far as I know, Mirex never fake mediacodes.

Are you sure that their DVD media is made in India?
I thought they would manufacture MCC 03RG20 under license in Russia :confused:

Not possible MBIL has a license for making MCC 03RG20 from MKM. And only MKM may give licenses for the official use of MCC 03RG20.

About the smaller european manufacturers, I could put some stuff up when I have some more time. Most of them no longer exist.

I thought they had stampers and stuff from MBI…?

I also thought so, though was very unsure. Soon that was revealed by one of Mirex’s product managers, who came to the forum on (one of the biggest Russian hardware portals, if someone doesn’t know that already ;)), registered there and answered a lot of questions concerning Mirex production and in one of his statements he confirmed that DVD production comes from India, but the manufacturing process is being controlled by their own specialists (though, I don’t trust that so much).

Frankly speaking, I would be very glad if they started their own DVD-recordable production in Russia (let it be someone else’s license, but NO PLASMON AGAIN :a) and preferrably with good equipment and quality control. I don’t like this company’s sitting-in-an-armchair position.