Info on GWA-4164b?


Does anyone know of an english language review of the GWA-4164b? A friend of mine got it packaged with his pc from pc world and when I did a couple of google searches it was unusually hard to find any info.

Is it a good drive?

From what I know, all GWA drives are OEM ones. They differ from the normal GSA models in that they don’t have DVD-RAM support. The problem is we don’t know which GSA model it was based on, so we can’t tell how well it will work in general. If we did, we could guess from the performance of the GSA drive it was based on.

The other thing is that you won’t be able to find any firmware updates for it from LG’s websites, so don’t bother looking. LG does not provide firmware for OEM GWA models. They expect the OEM companies to do that themselves. So your friend has to look to pc world for firmware updates.