Info on downloading audio books?

When downloading audio books, how many CDs does it take to hold a 400 page (or an average sized) book) in the standard stereo player format? (I don’t have an mp3 CD player…)

Also if I wanted to buy a small direct mp3 player, (Creative, iPod, etc) what size would be best for storing and playing back books? (512mb, 1gb, etc?) Would a small mp3 player hold a whole book at once, or in segments? And can books also be downloaded in more compressed formats, such as WMA?


how many CDs does it take to hold a 400 page?

it would take on the average cd-r 3-4 cds depnding on how big it is…

in the standard stereo player format? (I don’t have an mp3 CD player…)

get acoustica MP3 TO WAV

on the ipod get a least a gig…

It all depends on how many minutes long the audio is (how fast do they talk to cover those 400 pages). The conversion is about 10.5MB per minute for normal CD-Audio. If the book takes 1 hour to listen to, then you need about 630MB.

I have used lots of audio books in the past. I always converted them right to 64kps mono MP3 - that takes a while for books on tape, but do it while you sleep. CDs are best, since you can rip/convert the whole CD in a few minutes. Most audiobooks are 6-8 AudioCDs in length, so . Books take a long time to listen to (1 hour for each CD) because the readers read at a normal speaking rate - a MUCH lower rate than you and I read at.

Converting to low bit rate mono MP3 doesn’t affect the quality of voice that much (telephones use a MUCH lower bitrate) and you will most defeinitely be able to fit a few books on your 512mb or 1b MP3 player.

Borrow and copy audio books from the library. When you return them to the library, just delete the files or break the CD you copied the files onto.

But he said

(I don’t have an mp3 CD player…)
So he wants to convert them back to CD-Audio which always takes the same amount of space per minute of play.

If you learn to work with EAC, you can adapt most any size book to less than 512mg. I have shrunk 18 hours to 400mg with no problem.

Amazon has some Macvision MP# players models at a pretty decent price. Not as good as Creative Zen but a lot cheaper.

Sorry for my previous response. I forgot about his second question on MP3 players.

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