Info For Today + The Trouble I'll have

Well hello all im fixen to starting my back up all my movie’s :rolleyes: that came out today i don’t know how many have any protection on them :frowning: .
They are all the movie’s that came out today in the State’s . :eek:
And I’ll be back in here later today are in the morning to report on how all went and which movie’s they where so till then :cool: :smiley:

here is the news
watched 5 movies out the 5, 4 stalled and skipped but did burn good
i took dmp31 advice and changed to SAO instead of packet writing it
work and the other movie was underworld as soon as it went in a massage pop up with a ERROR that had two boxs in it and to put what had happen to get the error being i did nothing but put in the dvd what caused this one??? the other movies where the three burials,running scared,firewall,glory road.
2 where sony ,1 disney,1w/b,and a media 8
used a sony dvd-r MIJ have’nt changed any thing else on my PC so that was all i had to report …
IT IS GETTING BETTER only time will tell :confused: