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Hi, I was wondering, is there a way to tell if a PS2 game is on a dual-layer disc or a single layer one? i.e., does it say so on the box somewhere?


i think most of them are on single layers anyway, you can go hear, and it has a list of games and there sizes, so if there below 4.5Gb then they can be backed up to a single layer.


Just pop it in your pc drive and see what the size is. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I’m planning on doing a lot of renting, hehehe.


Sweet, thanks!


Piracy is not discussed here…


Who said anything about that…


well i think its a pretty good asumption to make if hes planning on renting games and he wants to know if they can fit onto a single layer or dual layer. the word piracy does spring to mind…


Your ability to read between the lines is phenomenal, crusty! :wink:


i know, suprising really, i was never any good at english. :smiley:


That’s all it is…An asumption…


An obvious assumption…


O.J. is an Obvious assumption…Michael Jackson is an obvious assumption.


Let’s drop this then, shall we…


lets not get me started on michael jackson!


don’t bother go to

i buy all my games from them


I would question the legality of that site. I don’t think paying for a backup is covered in fair use. I may be wrong.


Yup, not to mention it is not smart to list something like that on a public forum. Anyways, has most of the D/L PS2 games listed. Just scroll through the list and look for the (DVD9) in red next to the game and it means it is D/L. Between imports and domestic titles I think there are 13-14 D/L games. BTW to add to the swapmagicfix list, Gran Turismo 4 is also D/L.


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