Info aboutediting video files



My first attempt at editing!? I copied from the sci-fi channel, my favorite sci-fi movie,“Dune” (the extended Alan Smithee version). It ran 4hrs with commercials!! I made an s-vhs copy on two videotapes. I converted one tape to an mpeg2 file. I added the whole file to windows “movie maker” , figuring I could somehow edit out the commercials and have a nice dvd with no commercials. Alas my inexperience really showed. Try as I might, I could’nt figure out how to edit out the commercials!! It seems the movie file is one big clip on the timeline !! When I try to edit clips to get out the commercials I lose the rest of the movie. At the first commercial break of the movie file I can eliminate the first commercial but the rest of the movie goes also!! It is the same with Roxio’s VideoWave7. I would greatly appreciate any help or any beginners book/article that could help solve this (and future problems a newbie will surely have) :bow:


What you are probably doing is this. You put your curser in the Time Line, within the video area. Then click & drag & when you let go everything to the left of the curser is gone, correct? You should put your curser in the area where you see the minutes & seconds. Then click & drag the curser to about where you want it. Then up in the Preview window you can move the Time Line curser frame by frame to the exact point where the commercials begin. Then just click the little splice button & you should then have 2 scenes. Then do the same thing at the end of the commercials & splice again. Then you should have 3 scenes. Then go back to the Time Line & Right Click the commercial scene & delete. BINGO, you have a commercial free movie. You can also go back to Storyboard mode & add Transitions to make it look a little better. Good Luck & let us know how you make out.